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I read a recent blog post from Gary Thomas entitled “Vending Machine Prayer.” Gary asked his readers to finish the post with their own examples of a vending machine prayer vs a Spirit filled “in Jesus name prayer.” I shared what the Lord taught me a few years ago and it has been a powerful tool in my prayer life. Allow me to share this tool with you.

Several years ago, while on my knees, the Lord opened my eyes to my “vending machine prayers”, and how they were all about me. “Lord, I don’t know what to do. I can’t make him understand where I’m coming from. Lord, I’m sorry that I lost my temper with him.” And on and on….

He taught me how to pray

And the Lord told me “It’s not about you. It’s not about your husband. It’s not even about your marriage. It’s about ME.” And he taught me how to pray…. “Lord, thank you that YOU are bigger than this issue. Thank you that YOU are the healer of all. YOU Lord, are all merciful, and YOU desire that none shall be lost. Thank you Lord that YOU restore my soul. Thank you Jesus that YOU care about our concerns. YOU are a mighty God. YOU are alive and well! YOU never slumber or sleep! YOUR thoughts and intentions are for our good. I trust YOU Father with this situation and believe that YOU will turn it for good.” Well, by now we all get the picture. God is so compassionate. He doesn’t condemn us for our mistakes. Instead he lifts us up and teaches us a new, better way. He changes us. Thank God, he doesn’t put new wine in old wine skins!

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