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“Who I Am In Christ” Scripture Cross

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Many of you know that I very recently composed and posted a scripture cross entitled “Characteristics of God.” I received some good, positive, and encouraging comments. I am always thankful for, and encouraged by your comments. It delights me to know that there are those like you who are reading, gleaning, sharing, and putting to use what I feel the Holy Spirit gives me to write. You are what makes it all worthwhile. Writers need readers!

Because of the good feedback I received about the first scripture cross I shared, I am inspired to share another one with you. I put this one together several years ago and it has been incredibly helpful to me in my own, personal walk with Jesus. I call it the “Who I Am In Christ” scripture cross. It is comprised of scriptures that clearly answer that question, “who am I?”

I used this scripture cross in my daily prayer time. I literally read (or I should say, proclaimed) these scriptures aloud so that my own ears could hear them. They started out as words on a paper, but they ended up being truths that I began to believe. Once I came to the place of really believing them, my heart embraced them, and it caused a whole new river of Life to flow through my soul. It equipped me to overcome things I could never overcome previously. I had hope like I’d never had before. It gave me a secure knowledge that by His victory through me I can finish this race.

Again, I encourage you to use this tool. Share, print, copy, if you like. Pass it on. Help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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